Culper Ring is a side project of Kris Force (AmberAsylum), Mason Jones (Subarachnoid Space), and Steve Von Till (Neurosis, Tribes of Neurot).

The project began in 1997 with the recording of a jam session in Kris's home studio. These initial assets were characteristically unmusical and discordant, analogous to the classic 80's experimental work of Coil or Nurse with Wound. The tapes collected dust as the musicians returned to their respective projects.

When these recordings were revisited some time later, the trio found itself turning in a more melodically driven and acoustic-oriented direction. Again time passed and it would not be until the year 2001 that this music would be solidified into its current form. Committed to the idea of an integral CD experience, the three musicians discovered territory which allowed the material to coalesce, with the newer, more musical work combined with the earlier soundscapes.





2001, NR021




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