DARK BUDDHA RISING release II on April 20 via Neurot Recordings; New Video Posted + Preorders Available

Photo Credit: Maija Lahtinen

Photo Credit: Maija Lahtinen

Prepare your mind, body, and the deepest recesses of your soul as the black gates that Dark Buddha Rising opened a decade ago with I, shall open again on April 20 with the release of the EP entitled II. 

On the surface, the band emits the darkest of psychedelia, yet deep down, their sounds are forged in the blue fires of the ancients, exhalations of gods, goddesses and demons alike. II continues to traverse these ancient, spiritual planes, opening up a vortex with their sonic, and following calls from beyond, in search of deeper truths and meaning. Even the song titles elude to this, as Vesa explains, they refer to "offering oneself to the guidance from beyond all transitory phenomena". 

For 10 years, the Finnish band has convened in the now-famous Wastement studio space; set below their home city of Tampere, Finland; to roil in the sounds of the underground, to meet dark spirits, to breathe in time with rhythmic pulses sent from the skies, the stars and the very dirt around them. From this thriving community a new commission has been born between Dark Buddha Rising and Oranssi Pazuzu who shall write and perform a new concept piece exclusively at Roadburn Festival 2018, this collaboration named Waste of Space Orchestra. All planned live shows are as follows:-


19.4.2018 Roadburn Festival, Tilburg, Holland (as Waste Of Space Orchestra)

6.6.2018 Saint Helen Festival 2018, 1Feierwerk, München, Germany

15-18.8.2018 August, Dark Bombastic Evening, Ryma, Alba Iulia, Romania

Track list:

Mahathgata I 

Mahathgata II 


II will see release on CD and vinyl formats on April 20th via Neurot Recordings. For preorder bundles visit THIS LOCATION.