photo credit: Evg Lom Photography

photo credit: Evg Lom Photography

Ufomammut are streaming their eighth full length 8 in its entirety as release date approaches this Friday via Neurot Recordings. For the trio, the album is particularly symbolic, as they remark..."8, seen as the infinite symbol, is for us representative of time tracing around an eternal line. More than ever, the process of writing, recording and realising 8 with the visuals of the artwork, inlay and videos, has led us to step back and observe the continuing evolution of Ufomammut in the past, present and future. Tracing our own line, and thinking about the possibilities.". Delve into the full stream below...

Explore UFOMAMMUT's 8 at The Obelisk RIGHT HERE.

This Friday in Milan the band have put together a very special event to not only mark the release of the album, but to celebrate the band's journey, and as well as performing two live shows in the evening, and hosting an exhibition of Ufomammut artwork, the band have some other surprises in store, which we can now reveal. The band felt inspired to look back into their past, and specifically at their first release Godlike Snake. They remark..."Whilst we believe it's a good album, at the time we recorded it, we didn't have the same ears and possibilities of today, so, during this past year, we have taken the old tapes and re-mixed the album the way we believe it should be heard."  A vinyl and a digipack version will be presented this Friday at the release party. Furthermore, they have also been working hard on a book titled "The Art of Ufomammut", a malleusdelic journey into, and celebration of the artwork they have realised as Malleus from the genesis of the band, right through to today. It is a four colour, 96 page book that they shall also present at the release show. Any copies remaining will be brought on tour the following week. Lastly, in the final days in the run up to the release, Malleus are working on a five colour silkscreen poster for the forthcoming live dates. Check out full live listings below.


22/09/2017 - Santeria - Milan, IT *record release show, more details on Facebook

w/ Usnea:
30/09/2017 La Boule Noire – Paris, FR
01/10/2017 Le Ferrailleur – Nantes, FR
03/10/2017 Borderline – London, UK
04/10/2017 Magasin 4 – Brussels, BE
05/10/2017 Schlachthof – Wiesbaden, DE
06/10/2017 Up In Smoke Festival – Pratteln, CH
07/10/2017 Doornroosje – Nijmegen, NL @ Soulcrusher Festival
08/10/2017 Forum – Bielefeld, DE
10/10/2017 Blitz – Oslo, NO
11/10/2017 Klub Undergangen – Stockholm, SE
13/10/2017 Korjaamo – Helsinki, FI @ Blowup Vol. 3 Festival
14/10/2017 Olympia-Kortelli – Tampere, FI
16/10/2017 KB 18 – Copenhagen, DK
17/10/2017 Lido – Berlin, DE
18/10/2017 Markthalle – Hamburg, DE
19/10/2017 Werk 2 – Leipzig, DE
20/10/2017 Firley – Wroclaw, PL
21/10/2017 007 – Prague, CZ
22/10/2017 Keep It Doom Festival – Munich, DE

Further dates: 

17/11/2017 - Magazzino Sul Po, Turin, Italy

25/11/2017 - Traffic Club, Rome, Italy

07/12/2017 - Bronson, Ravenna, Italy

08/12/2017 - Tetris, Trieste, Italy

24-27/05/2018 Maryland Deathfest – Baltimore, MD













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8 is due for release on September 22nd on vinyl and CD formats via Neurot Recordings and on a limited and regular edition vinyl via Supernatural Cat; the limited edition 7” for the “Warsheep” single is out now. EU vinyl orders for the limited (500 copies) LP can be placed via Supernatural Cat, hand-crafted in Italy by Malleus. US orders can be placed via Neurot Recordings 

"The celestial pulse of Hawkwind and Pink Floyd, quickened by the circular rhythmic thrust of Can and Neu!, have, for almost two decades, sent Ufomammut’s Sabbathian riffage straight towards the cosmos. Their latest odyssey, titled 8 but metaphorically aligned to the infinity symbol, is presented as an ouroboric form, its eight songs acting in singular force – much like 2010’s meditation on the origins of humankind, Eve. Recorded live with overdubs for mantric vocals, synths and minor embellishments, Ufomammut have never come as close to capturing their stentorian live sound in the studio as they have here. Time and space are warped through the massive reverberations of opener Babel, as its need for velocity eventually consumes its contemplative passages. Zodiac’s gnashing riffs also benefit from the magickal live energy. However, it’s the titanic tandem of Fatum and Prismaze, both replete with Sleep-bong-huffing-with-Helmet syncopations, which hit the hardest...subtle sleights-of-hand, together with immersive songwriting. keep the listener fixated and maintain Ufomammut’s standing as a leading figure for unearthing metaphysical pathways through the power of psychedelic doom". - METAL HAMMER

"It's not so much overwhelming as completely absorbing, like letting yourself be pulled into a Technicolor tunnel with no clear destination in sight, but which promises fun nonetheless...It's a journey with so many experimental turns and textural shifts that the best approach is to simply put on the headphones, lie down and go with it." - WIRE

"est considered as one suite of ear-pummelling, cosmos-bestriding music...each song builds on the other, with new riffs tested and assembled like cogs in some infernal engine...8 is less a journey into the void and more like being strapped to the nose cone or a rocket hurtling straight for the heart of the sun." - PROG

 "Ufomammut are an ingenious bunch, and this is one of their most absorbing strides toward oblivion yet." - CLASSIC ROCK