The quiet kill off the country road, the time before the time when everything went wrong and the last 16 hours of that great love affair are the seminal beginnings of OXBOW. 

Designed to be the last aural will and testament of failed humanity, OXBOW actually garnered listeners from among the ranks of the fucked, with their 1990 release FUCKFEST (cfy/pathological). Followed by KING OF THE JEWS (cfy), THE BALLS IN THE GREAT MEAT GRINDER COLLECTION (pathological), and LET ME BE A WOMAN (brinkman/crippled dick hot wax) recorded by the estimable STEVE ALBINI, SERENADE IN RED (SST/CDHW) also recorded by ALBINI and GIBBS CHAPMAN (FAITH NO MORE, RED HOUSE PAINTERS), and various singles and dance remixes, OXBOW has met with increasing critical acclaim and popular support. 

The OXBOW core membership -- DAN ADAMS/bass, GREG DAVIS/drums, EUGENE ROBINSON/voice, and NIKO WENNER/guitars -- has been supplemented by the subtle stylings of LYDIA LUNCH, KLAUS FLOURIDE, MARIANNE FAITHFULL, RICHARD KERN (SONIC YOUTH et al), JON RASKIN from the ROVA SAX QUARTET, and a string section that would make Barry White wince. 

Though claiming San Francisco as their hometown, OXBOW played in England in 1990 and toured Europe and Japan in 1995, 1996, 1998, and 1999. OXBOW has also performed in London, Berlin, New York, Vienna, Prague, Portland, Paris, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco, Gent, and almost every other place people will pay them to hear them play.




2002, NR017




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