Tarentel occupy a space that investigates both a rock and a classical aesthetic.  Simultaneously creating with the human voice and the instrumental framework, The Order Of Things reverberates with a familiar cinematic sound, yet offers a new interpretation of space and landscape.

With Scott Solter again producing the band, Tarentel has expanded their instrumentation to include everything from horns to harp to pipe organ, attempting to achieve explosiveness and grandeur without relying on distorted guitars and excess effects. The late period work of TALK TALK as well as modern composers such a ARVO PÄRT, GORECKI, and PAULINE OLIVARIOS influenced the band greatly. The introduction of vocals for the first time, as an instrument and in a lyrical setting, was another decision based on a desire to constantly experiment not only with their sound, but also with the expectations of the listener. The Order Of Things is the result.





2001, NR010




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