Mignon Petrini Photography

Mignon Petrini Photography


There is a hazy place in my mind where I can see the music in our future. And when I look back on our past, it is clear that our music was always there. Some things are supposed to happen, and this world has a way of manifesting its will. I do not know what will happen, I only know part of what is possible. As always, there are no guarantees. Neil Young once said: Rock and roll and security have no place together.

He was right about that.

USX has always been a willing dive into the unknown. Things happen without our control, and even in the most powerful and united moments, there is something at work that none of us fully understand. We are always on the edge of collapsing into chaos, and I think that is the only real way to create music. However, maybe all I really know about guitar is this: When I hit it just right, the energy travels out from me and never stops. Like all true things, it finds a circular path forever. Relate this to your own life how you will, all I know is my life: My experience, my loves and hates, my dreams and their songs. I am part of a band whose members live apart from me the majority of the time. They have their own lives to live, and I often wonder how we keep such a strong connection - the mind-meld that we all feel without ever speaking of it. Somehow, it works. It always has.

The blessings of this life are mysterious. This nebulous channel has always come to meet us, inspire us, use us and live within us. May you all feel the power of your own connection, for we all live within this sprawling miracle.

Nate – USX
November, 2013




The Valley Path

2011, NR076

Hawkwind Triad

2010, NR072






Run Thick in the Night

2010, NR074

Eat the Low Dogs

2008, NR058


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