Ben Green (Godflesh) takes us on a haunting and elemental journey of the soul.

Recorded in the mountains of Wales in order to document alchemical pursuits.

In 1995 I moved to a remote cottage in the Ystwyth valley, to escape the noise of the city in order to listen, without distraction to the sounds within, sounds that I had been feeling for a long time. I spent 12 months here in virtual total isolation, focusing not only inwards, but also allowing myself to be an elemental "sponge", initially at nature’s mercy, but eventually learning to coexist with all natural elements, becoming completely aware of the natural order and flow of things. One of the ways in which I explored this was using sound, for as a musician I was very aware of the strength of sounds, particularly in a pure state, and the effect they have on our psyche, and therefore our fundamental state of being. 
- Ben Green 2001





2001, NR013




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