Almost ten years of collaboration is captured in all its infinite texture and resonance on Specter, the debut recording from Sabers. Loops, field recordings, contact mics, and accomplished drumming create organic rhythmic fields while baritone guitar (fed simultaneously through multiple bass and guitar amps) and a small city of pedals, effects, and mixers melt it down. 

Jeff Conaway and Charlie Hines met during the early '90's in Lawrence, Kansas. Their sensibilities were forged in the open Kansas "hypnogeography." They played together through the years in various rock ensembles, including Panel Donor. Eventually, they both wound up in NYC. 

Accustomed to playing in spaces with natural reverb qualities and with fairly simple means, ie, guitars, effects pedals and vintage amps in various resonant configurations, Sabers represents Conaway and Hines in their most vivid and least orthodox state yet. They distill previous efforts down into a structurally simpler, soundbased music of mesmerizing sonic forays. 

In November of 2002, they completed this necessarily bleed-heavy recording with engineer Martin Bisi (Sonic Youth, Swans, John Zorn, Keiji Haino, among many others). It's a new kind of soundscape, tempered with a delicate, wide-open sense of space and infused with wild, NYC industrial shimmer: moody, expansive and brilliantly restrained.





2003, NR026




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